I’m Andrew Eberlin.

Photos, Photographers and Photobooks is a mix of my own photos, and musings on photographers and their photobooks.

I have been a keen photographer since I was a teenager. It encourages me to look for something different in the day-to-day, it trains my eye to observe details, to see how the light moves and to search for different angles.

To notice more.

I like taking photos of modern buildings. Especially brutalist buildings. Why? I like their simplicity. Their beauty. I like the optimism with which they were built. It was a time when there was a consensus that society could be made better for the many.

Elsewhere on the internet

So I can pay the bills, go out and go on holiday I design websites for independent businesses, creative people and community groups.

I sometimes share photos on Instagram but I get frustrated by their Reels, their algorithms, their use of our data and the way they crop portrait photos.

Featured on Substack Reads

It was an unexpected honour to be featured on Substack Reads in 2022 for a post on “one of the wonders of the modern world”, The Barbican, and again in 2023 with a post on the extraordinary Cosmic House.

Thank you Substack - I like it here!

Substack Featured Publication 2022 and 2023Substack Featured Publication 2022 and 2023

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Professional website designer, enthusiastic photographer and writer of The Monthly Jotter who enjoys walking the dog in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside.